MyPDFSigner by KryptoKoder

MyPDFSigner is a simple tool to digitally sign PDF documents using tokens stored in a PKCS#11 security device (a smart card, like a citizen card issued by many governments in Europe, or a USB token), or a PKCS#12 file (a *.pfx or *.p12 file). It is the ideal tool for users that do not want to buy Adobe Acrobat and are unable to sign PDF documents with the free Adobe Reader. PDF documents signed by MyPDFSigner are correctly displayed by Adobe Reader.

Additionally, the Windows version of MyPDFSigner supports the Windows Certificate Store, and the Mac OS X version supports the Apple Keychain Store. This means that MyPDFSigner can use any "identity" (certificate and associated private key) in the Windows Certificate Store or the Apple Keychain Store to digitally sign a PDF document.

MyPDFSigner for Android

The Android version of MyPDFSigner only supports PKCS#12 key stores and has a more limited set of features.

MyPDFSigner also provides a command line interface, and some language specific modules and plug-ins, and thus can be integrated in a automated batch process and be part of a PDF creation workflow. In particular MyPDFSigner provides PHP, Ruby and Python extensions to sign PDF documents.



Released PHP/Ruby/Python modules 1.1.0 with support for PAdES LTV.


Released Python module 1.0.3 for Windows.


Released PHP/Ruby/Python modules 1.0.0 with support for multiple signatures.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.4.5; allows visible signature in all pages.


Released PHP/Ruby/Python modules 0.9.6; adds support for updated PDFs.


Released PHP/Ruby/Python modules 0.9.5; adds support for certified signatures.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.4.2, a maintenance release.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.4.0, a maintenance release; adds support for password protected PDFs.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.3.0 with enhanced visible signatures configuration.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.2.1 with support for OpenSC and PKCS#11 token based batch signing. Permite assinatura em massa com o Cartão de Cidadão.


Released MyDWFSigner 0.8.0, a tool to sign DWF documents.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.1.6 with support for configurable visible signatures.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.1.0 with support for Time Stamping.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.0.5 for Mac OS X only with support for the Apple Keychain Store.


Released MyPDFSigner 1.0.0 with support for PKCS#12 files and a command line interface.


Released MyPDFSigner 0.9.5 for Windows only with support for the Windows Certificate Store.


Released MyPDFSigner 0.9.0 with support for all PKCS#11 cards.


Released MyPDFSigner 0.8.0 with support for the Portuguese Citizen Card only. Funciona com o Cartão de Cidadão.